Atomic Heart took 600,000 hours to develop. The creators of the shooter shared a new screenshot

Now players can find out how long the ambitious Atomic Heart shooter has actually been in development. As stated in the Mundfish studio, the creation of the project took more 630 thousand hours. As a nice bonus, the developers have also published a new screenshot of Atomic Heart with a demonstration of the main character.

Representatives of the Mundfish team on social networks revealed that they have been working on Atomic Heart for five years. More than 120 professional employees take part in the creation of the shooter, who worked on the project for 8-16 hours a day. A total of 633,600 hours were created by Atomic Heart.

There is only one conclusion left. Games are art!

– emphasized in Mundfish.

Atomic Heart is being created for PC and current consoles. The release of the shooter is scheduled for December 2022.

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