Atomic Heart will be released this year, the developers from the Russian studio Mundfish presented a new trailer


There are no specific details yet, but now we know when to wait for the release of Atomic Heart.

Developers from a Russian studio are closer than ever to releasing a domestic version of “Bioshock”, “Fallout” and “DOOM”. Today they have released a new trailer for an ambitious game called Atomic Heart. First-person shooter with RPG elements should come out in September or December 2022.

The actions of Atomic Heart will take players to an alternative history of the USSR era. As a KGB operative, you have to go to the secret object number 3826, where peaceful robots began to attack scientists. Now we need to prevent data leakage at any cost, which could result in the end of the peaceful existence of people.

Trailer in Russian:

In Atomic Heart, you need to study your opponents, which will help in their destruction. Using a diverse arsenal of weapons, special abilities and a crafting system, you will have an almost endless number of ways to kill your enemies.

The game is being developed for PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The developers managed to involve Mick Gordon, who is familiar to players from Doom and Doom Eternal, to create the soundtrack.

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