Atomic Heart will be similar to DOOM and Wolfenstein but much crazier


The frantic “first-person shooter action game” Atomic Heart received a new trailer last week, but unfortunately it still hasn’t received a solid release date and that window is currently somewhere between September and December.

According to studio Mundfish, the average duration of Atomic Heart will be around 20 hours. The game is described as a “high-octane action game” reminiscent of DOOM and Wolfenstein, “but much crazier”.

Atomic Heart is first and foremost an action game. She is very dynamic. Players can strategize and choose different playstyles along the way, but the core gameplay revolves around high-octane action. Remember Doom, Wolfenstein, only much crazier.

Mundfish cites the “weirdness” of Atomic Heart as one of its creative pillars, saying that the game “has some really crazy concepts.” The concept of the world has been in development for over a decade, and while it is indeed an open world, the studio has said it aims for a “believable and immersive” approach, rather than trying to make the world too big, and it’s better to keep your ideas in check.

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