Back 4 Blood will feature DLC sharing

Developer Turtle Rock Studios has confirmed that friends playing Back 4 Blood together will have access to the game’s DLC without having to buy it individually.

The paid DLC for the co-op shooter Back 4 Blood will be available to all party members as long as the party leader owns it, developer Turtle Rock Studios confirmed this during the live stream of E3 2021. This includes new maps and gameplay additions.

E3 host Greg Miller tweeted two screenshots from the official Back 4 Blood support page. The images specifically state that as long as the group leader owns any paid paid content, other members can play it for free as well. It’s worth noting that this applies to the game’s PvE content, not PvP.

However, any content the leader pays for, including maps, campaign add-ons, and gameplay add-ons, will be available to other members.

However, all PvP DLCs will be free for everyone as the game progresses. In addition, each player has access to the same maps at the start of the match, ensuring that DLC owners don’t get an unfair advantage in PvP.

Back 4 Blood Coming October 12th On PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One And Xbox Series X | S. Open Beta Testing will begin on August 5th.

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