Bandai Namco Asked Digital Foundry to Do Elden Ring Performance Analysis After Day 1 Patch


Recently there have been rumors about an alleged request Bandai Namco avoid video analysis Elden Ring from Digital Foundry in the launch version of the game, but the editors corrected this information, however, confirming that they were asked to wait for the first day patch before conducting an in-depth analysis.

Initial rumors claimed that Bandai Namco asked Digital Foundry not to do their usual analysis of resolution and frame rate in the launch version of Elden Ring, which apparently immediately raised suspicions about the game’s specifications upon its release, but the official Twitter account partially corrected situation.

“We were asked to perform a performance analysis based on the version of the game with the Day 1 patch applied to more accurately represent the game that players will actually be using, which is reasonable and fairly common,” Digital Foundry explained.

Bandai Namco and FromSoftware’s request is reasonable, on the other hand, it also demonstrates the obvious importance of the first day patch for Elden Ring, which, apparently, is destined to significantly improve performance.

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