Bandai Namco releases hilarious Elden Ring commercial for the Thai market


Elden Ring is a global success and just today it was confirmed that the game FromSoftware outsold Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the UK. The marketing department also contributes to sales. Bandai Namcowhich shoots various commercials around the world.

On the official YouTube channel Bandai Namco Entertainment Southeast Asiawhich is aimed mainly at the Thai market, a four-minute short film appeared to coincide with the release of Elden Ring.

In a trendy modern country house, a precious family heirloom, the Ring of Elden, is accidentally broken. A fight breaks out. From there, we cut abruptly to the point of view of a young man wistfully reminiscing about his childhood fighting Agil pretending to be the Flying Dragon and playing the role of the Extinguished One. This young man finds himself in the aforementioned country house where the family is now fighting for custody of the broken ring.

The whole thing is so disorienting in its seriousness that by the three-minute mark you might feel like you’re watching a TV soap opera and not a video game ad.

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