Barotrauma received a massive addition in honor of the game’s third anniversary

The latest update will also bring a significant number of improvements, performance optimizations, and exciting new experiences for users.

Daedalic Entertainment and independent studios FakeFish and Undertow Game have unveiled the biggest expansion for Barotrauma, timed to coincide with the project’s three-year anniversary and reaching the threshold of two million users on Steam.

In its three years in Early Access, the submarine sim has received 17 new and updated ships, 69 new and updated missions, 43 new scenario events, 33 new and updated creatures, 60 Steam updates, patches and hotfixes, and 8852 closed tickets!

With the release of v0.18.11.0, players have access to new functionality, such as difficulty presets, the ability to transfer items between subs when purchasing a new ship, and three new beacon stations. The full list of changes can be found on the official page of the game in Steam.

Finally, Daedalic are pleased to announce that work on Barotrauma is almost complete. Prior to release, the authors plan to rethink the balance and optimize all systems, improve the tutorial and completely rework the playable factions to highlight the differences between the “Jupiter Separatists”, “Coalition”, “Shells”, clowns and their goals.

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