Battlefield 2042 refund petition gets over 200,000 signatures


Is a petition sufficient? Change.orgto snatch money from the hands of Electronic Arts? Most likely not, but that doesn’t stop those unhappy with the current state of the multiplayer shooter Battlefield 2042.

The petition, which has already reached 200 thousand signatures, is demanding a refund due to false advertising and broken promises at the launch of the game. “EA’s release of Battlefield 2042 was a mockery of every customer who purchased this video game. […] Battlefield 2042 was so poorly made that even Steam, the most reputable service for selling PC video games, allows buyers to get a full refund.”says part of the petition.

The petition, simply titled “Allow Battlefield 2042 Refunds on All Platforms”, was created about 4 weeks ago and didn’t get much attention, but thousands of players have signed it in the past week. It is possible that many of those who signed the petition are demanding a refund after EA and Dice announced a series of delays to both major and minor updates for BF2042. According to EA, new content for BF2042 will not appear until the summer, which is almost six months after the game’s release. Updates that add features such as voice chat and scoreboards have also been delayed.

The petition claims that if it reaches more than 50 thousand signatures, its creator will contact lawyers to start a class action lawsuit against EA and Dice. Kotaku contacted EA about the petition and the situation with BF2042, but never received a response.

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