Bethesda closes its launcher and returns to Steam


Some years ago Bethesda started moving away from Steamand with Fallout 76 the company began testing not to release games on Steam at all. This quickly caused a backlash and Bethesda eventually decided to continue supporting Steam along with their own launcher, but the Bethesda Games Launcher is now shutting down for good.

In today’s message in a blog post, Bethesda announced that “this year we say goodbye to the launcher“. However, those who bought games from the launcher will be able to transfer all their games and any currency linked to their account to Steam starting in April.

“This year we say goodbye to the Launcher. We would like to thank you for your support and assure you that all your games are safe. If you don’t play PC games through the launcher, then your job is done. Thanks for reading! If you have games on the launcher, don’t worry. From the beginning of April, you will be able to transfer your games and wallet to your Steam account.”

While all your games and wallet funds will transfer to Steam, your account will remain valid. Some games require a in-game account, so be sure to keep that in mind for future releases. The migrations won’t start for a few more months, but in the meantime, Bethesda has a FAQ that talks about some of the changes.

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