Beware, Gran Turismo 7 players have discovered the presence of a UFO


The developers at Polyphony Digital have prepared a very funny Easter egg in Gran Turismo 7 for fans of science fiction.

The players of the racing simulator Gran Turismo 7 have discovered a real-life UFO in the game that kidnaps cows. The alien ship can be found outside the race track. The aliens linger in the air only to steal a cow and then quickly fly back into space.

Missing an unusual Easter egg in Gran Turismo 7 is very easy. According to users, it is quite rare, and it also makes it difficult to concentrate on the race. Despite this, a huge number of screenshots and video demonstrations of the UFO action appeared on the network.

Of the interesting, it is worth noting the well-developed model of the alien ship. If you use the built-in photo mode, you can see the UFO from a very close distance and take a couple of interesting pictures.

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