BioShock mod for Half-Life: Alyx promises 15 hours of play


A game bioshock remains a landmark event in video games. Almost everyone who played it remembers iconic scenes: black water, descent, flickering lights of Raptur. Those Big Daddies. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are people who want to repeat this magic, especially in the immersive environment of virtual reality.

This is where the company came to the rescue. Patient 8 Gameswho created a VR campaign for Half Life: Alyxwho transferred Rapture from bioshock in VR as a mod. Someone was the developer wim.buytaert.1988who united the universes half-life And bioshock, creating a scenario in which Alyx crash-lands and descends into the underwater world of Rapture. Now UploadVR tells us that an update is coming soon that will further expand the capabilities of the first mod launched back in late 2020.

IN Return to Rapture Alyx will go underwater to a dilapidated city and face Combine soldiers, headcrabs and enemies from the BioShock series. This second part is a major expansion with 24 new levels and will take around 15 hours to complete. It’s also more BioShock-like, adding iconic weapons from the series like Plasmids, as well as new weapon models like the Thompson submachine gun. Enemy AI will also be improved, NPC combatants will be able to heal, and many hundreds of lines of dialogue will be added to create a richer story. The YouTube video below shows gameplay from one of the early versions of this second mod.

Patient 8 Games succeeded in recreating Ken Levin’s city of Rapture and Irrational Games through a combination of modified Alyx assets and brand new ones that have been painstakingly modeled based on the locations used in bioshock. The original VR mod offered around 25 minutes of gameplay, and while it lacked some of the underground scenery of the original game it was based on, it was still a pretty impressive recreation of the world. bioshock using the engine Half Life: Alyx.

This is not the first mod that appeared for Alyx, because a kind of multi-user modification was created, which can be downloaded for free and easily installed. In the meantime, another fan took up the exact recreation Half Life: Alyxwhich is of course a VR-only game, into a non-VR mod so that those who don’t have the expensive hardware needed to play VR can play in a more accessible format.

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