Black Desert Introduces New 30v30 PvP Mode

Called “Sandcastle: Pafu vs. Otters,” the mode is central to a host of new events in the game.

By joining the Sandcastle: Pafu vs. Otters event in the Arena of Blood, players will automatically become a member of the Pafu or Otter team and randomly receive one of the Warrior, Mage, or Priest roles. They will then have a 30v30 fight to the last fighter, where the adventurers will need to defeat opponents in order to score points.

The team with the most points at the end of the 10-minute match will win and receive special items, including Arena Tokens. Players will be able to exchange them for Terrmian Resort Coins, which can be used to earn valuable rewards.

The new mode is available as part of the Black Desert Summer Events, which will last from August 3rd to 24th. Other events include the “Auction: Thousand-Year-Old Masterpieces” hosted by the genius artist Kakuo and the equally outstanding sculptor Parafura at Terrmian Beach, during which players can bid on beautiful pieces of art. Users will also enjoy a fishing event, sandcastles, a screenshot contest, and more.

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