Black Desert Simultaneously Releases Brawl Awakening on PC and Consoles

The simultaneous update for all platforms marks a milestone for both the game and Pearl Abyss.

The Awakening will introduce a completely new style of play, as well as a questline that explores Dracania and her draconic heritage. The update includes a new season of Dawn of the Dragons, which will allow you to level up and support equipment faster. All season content will only be available to PC players.

With the release of Brawl Awakening, new content has been added to Black Desert:

  • Trion – the exclusive weapon of Awakening consists of two spears, one of which is endowed with the power of a raging wind, and the other with inexorable fire.
  • Brawling Condition “Cursed Blood” and “Dragon Blood”. Drakania can enter both states, each of which modifies her attacks.
  • Fighting Awakening Stance. Unique abilities allow Dracania to remain in the Awakening stance without switching between Awakening and normal state.
  • Close combat. Drakania is a great class for melee attacks due to the ability to quickly close the distance with opponents.

Pearl Abyss has also prepared significant technical improvements that will bring performance up to 120 frames per second on the PlayStation 5, creating a smoother gaming experience.

You can find all the details of the update by going to link

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