Black Myth: Wukong has a comedic trailer showing glitchy gameplay and lots of cats


The long-awaited action-RPG Black Myth: Wukong has released a 13-minute new trailer – but don’t expect much new information from it as it’s a short comedy movie with silly gameplay and lots of cats in the motion capture studio.

Released to celebrate the Chinese New Year and the start of the Year of the Tiger, developer Game Science released “Game Science’s Alternate Reality” in which we see the developers discuss the difficulties of using cats for motion capture and then show a wildly unfortunate boss battle based on that work. Eventually, we see the Game Science office close and then reopen as a restaurant.

The joke seems to be that Game Science actually tried motion capture for cats at some point. In real life, they moved on to other ideas, but in this alternate reality, this is what would happen if they stuck with that idea to the end.

Considering last year’s Chinese New Year video featured brand new footage, some may be disappointed by this more flippant approach, but the video ends with a short poem to reassure fans:

You came hoping to see the game. We’re hard at work on this. Alas, a little more patience if you’d like. The wait is worth the thrill.

The second half of the trailer (from around 7:25) does include footage that could very well be used in an Unreal Engine 5 update, but this part shows the tiger boss repeatedly teleporting around the map, wielding an unnaturally floating katana, and its animation glitching. The scene before this episode looks much more believable, so it’s possible we’re seeing a teaser of something from the final game, but Game Science doesn’t say for sure.

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