Blizzard Creates World of Warcraft Community Council to Collect In-depth Fan Feedback

In the interest of collecting more detailed player feedback, Blizzard is forming a World of Warcraft Community Council where a wide range of players can voice their opinions on a variety of Blizzard MMORPG-related topics.

Stating that “collecting and understanding feedback is more important than ever,” Blizzard is currently accepting applications from players to join the council and is looking for a variety of playstyles to fully cover every aspect of the game.

“One of the key goals of this program is to stimulate discussion with players of a wide variety of play styles,” Blizzard says. “To ensure this, part of the application process will involve sharing your interests and experiences. Whether it’s cutting edge raids, playing alts, completing achievements, being available or collecting transmogs, we want to know your point of view and make sure you’re heard. “

Players selected to the council will be able to post to a dedicated forum and respond directly to topics and discussions started by members of the WoW dev team and various community managers. Blizzard says it will “encourage separate conversations between small groups of contributors and Blizzard developers to ensure that players with different perspectives are heard.”

Those who are selected to the council will be able to participate for one year before applications become open again.

The creation of the community council comes immediately after the game’s 9.1.5 patch is set to lead to the many changes requested by fans, which, according to the WoW game director, marks a “fresh look at the future” for the MMO.

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