Bloody introduced two models of keyboards with red switches

The well-known brand of computer peripherals for gamers has expanded its line of mechanical keyboards with two new models with high-tech red switches BLMS Red Switch – S510R and S510RP.

These switches are characterized by fast response, smooth operation, as well as increased reliability and durability: withstand up to 50 million clicks. The switches are configured in such a way that they provide a fast tactile response and give the gamer a speed advantage during the game. Quick release and return are guaranteed by a robust high quality stainless steel torsion spring.

Bloody S510R is presented in white and black-red color. The dark keyboard comes with an extra set of 9 interchangeable black keycaps so gamers can change the look of the keyboard to their liking. The Bloody S510RP comes in black. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of Pudding keycaps. Each cap consists of two components: a black top and a translucent matte white bottom that beautifully shines through with RGB lighting.

Both new items are already available in Russia.

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