Bloody released eight ergonomic gaming chairs from the GC line at once

The novelties are highly ergonomic, equipped with an adjustable backrest and adjustable armrests, and are also designed using the most modern and high-quality materials.

Bloody released eight gaming thrones at once: GC-310, GC-320, GC-330, GC-420, GC-450, GC-470, GC-650 and GC-750. All of them have thoughtful ergonomics, a bucket back with excellent lateral support and two adjustable cushions for posture. Older models are also equipped with the AERO system, which provides better heat dissipation from the user’s back.

New items differ from each other not only in design, but also in upholstery materials. So, the GC-310 and GC-320 are made in pale pink and white, which is often liked by the fair half of gamers. GC-420, GC-450 and GC-470 have a strict and concise design – universal for any interior. The GC-650 and GC-750 have the opposite design – bright and aggressive. All models except GC-450 and GC-750 have fabric upholstery. GC-450 received combined materials: eco-leather and fabric, and GC-750 is completely made of eco-leather.

The GC-310 and GC-320 are equipped with a light plastic cross, while the rest of the chairs are metal with decorative inserts. Also, all chairs have a metal frame, providing the highest reliability and structural strength.

New items are equipped with swing mechanisms and the ability to adjust the swing stiffness. The GC-310, GC-320 and GC-330 have a top gun mechanism with the ability to lock in a vertical position. Models GC-420, GC-450 and GC-470 are equipped with an offset rocker mechanism with four locking positions. And the GC-650 and GC-750 are equipped with a swing mechanism that can be locked in any position.

Finally, all models are adjustable in height, they change the angle of the backrest. And all of them have 3D armrests with the ability to change height and rotate in a horizontal plane. This allows you to individually customize the chair for each gamer, regardless of the height and other characteristics of the user.

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