Brand Bloody introduced three gaming mice for eSports

The line of manipulators of the brand of gaming peripherals has been replenished with new productive models.

New items are focused on the use of right-handers, and differ in the number of buttons and characteristics.

  • The Bloody ES9 and ES9 Plus have eight buttons each, while the ES9 Pro has ten.
  • All models have PixArt optical sensors: the Bloody ES9 has the PMW3327, the ES9 Plus has the BC3332-A, and the older ES9 Pro has the PixArt Pro 3389.

  • The mice have an adjustable CPI level, the difference lies in the maximum value: the ES9 model has 6200 CPI, the ES9 Plus has 10,000, the Bloody ES9 Pro is head and shoulders above its “brothers”: the sensor resolution is an impressive 16,000.
  • The ES9, ES9 Plus and ES9 Pro manipulators have a different acceleration rate, it is 30, 35 and 50 g respectively.
  • The manipulators also differ in the tracking speed, which is 220 ips for the younger model, 250 for the Plus version and 400 ips for the Pro version.
  • All models have four levels of polling frequency, available values: 125, 500, 1000, 2000 Hz.
  • Models ES9 and ES9 Plus have 512 KB of internal memory, while ES9 Pro has an impressive 4 MB.

  • Microswitches on the Bloody ES9 guarantee over 20 million clicks, while the ES9 Plus and ES9 Pro models are capable of over 50 million clicks.
  • The youngest of the presented models is equipped with Teflon legs, they are resistant to abrasion. The ES9 Plus and ES9 Pro models are distinguished by the X’Glide metal feet, they are highly durable and eliminate friction on almost any surface.
  • ES9 Pro also boasts four types of LOD settings. This allows you to personalize the lift-off height according to the user’s gaming habits, improve accuracy and controllability.

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