British battleships appeared in World of Warships

A new branch of Tier III-X battleships will appear in the game, and the Titans of Industry event will also start.

With the release of Update 0.11.6, a completely new branch of British Tier III-X battleships will appear in Early Access. Newcomers are represented by historical ships from Indefatigable (Tier III) to Renown (Tier VI), as well as five new designs Rooke (Tier VII), Hawke (Tier VIII), Duncan (Tier IX), St Vincent (Tier X) and Premium Tier Collingwood (VII), some of which have their own unique camouflage.

The developers also announced the launch of the Titans of the Industry temporary event, during which players can choose and support one of three British shipyards – Chatham, Elswick and Clydebank, vying for the title of the best ship manufacturer for the Royal Navy. Each proposed shipyard will bring a unique reward: one of the British commanders with 6 skill points, a researchable British Tier V ship (Hawkins, Emerald or Acasta) and a special achievement.

In addition, in update 0.11.6 for World of Warships, the work of artificial intelligence of bot ships has been significantly improved, a large-scale update of the economic aspect of the game is being carried out, and the game interface has been changed. All the details – link

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