Broadcast Nintendo Direct at E3 2021

The Nintendo E3 launch will take place on June 15th and will feature 40 minutes of information on upcoming games.

Nintendo has finally confirmed the date and time for its E3 2021 Direct, bringing it back after skipping regular holidays in 2020. The 40-minute presentation will take place on Tuesday June 15th, the official E3 final day. Nintendo said in an announcement that the presentation will be dedicated to “exclusively software [Nintendo Switch], the release of which will mainly take place in 2021 “. The presentation will be followed by a Nintendo Treehouse Live show featuring three hours of gameplay.

Nintendo E3 Direct Launch Time

Nintendo Direct for E3 2021 will be released on June 15 at 19:00 GMT. Similar to previous Nintendo Direct events, the show is likely to move quickly from announcement to announcement, offering a mix of indie, third-party and Nintendo’s own games. While Nintendo said the show will focus mainly on games released this year, Nintendo said the same about its live streaming in February and announced Splatoon 3 for 2022, so expect some surprises.

How to watch Nintendo E3 Direct

The video can be found on the Nintendo YouTube channel.

What to expect

When it comes to E3 announcements, Nintendo is the proverbial wild card and this year was no exception. There are numerous rumors circulating about an updated Nintendo Switch, however the announcement specifically states that the direct appeal will only focus on software, so if a new Switch exists it probably won’t be announced here.

Upcoming Nintendo Switch games like Mario Golf: Super Rush and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD are likely to appear here. Some games that have been in development for a long time, such as Metroid Prime 4 and Breath of the Wild 2, may appear, but with Nintendo you never know for sure.

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