Buccaneer class appeared in Black Desert Mobile

A brave warrior with the skills of a dashing warrior diversifies your adventures in Black Desert Mobile with events generous with treasures.

The Buccaneer is armed with Patraca, a unique weapon, and you can attack your enemies with your blade up close and shoot them with a harpoon from afar. You can also call your loyal pirates to the battlefield, perform an incredible anchor attack that neutralizes opponents, or command a volley from the ship’s cannons to deal heavy damage. The Buccaneer is an awakened class from the start, so you will have the option to immediately unleash the Pirate’s true power.

In honor of the appearance of the Buccaneer in Black Desert Mobile, adventurers are waiting for two events that will last until September 19:

  • Jumping Fish Pirates Daily Quests – Complete daily quests to earn rewards such as combat buffs, BS boosts, and more;
  • Jumping Fish Pirates Daily Support – Receive daily gifts: support chests and consumables (proportional to the amount of time spent in the game).

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