CD Projekt showed a figurine of Johnny Silverhand and Alt Cunningham for 34 thousand rubles


Studio CD Projekt RED is in no hurry to release new patches for Cyberpunk 2077, but in its official store you can purchase new precious gadget.

This time it’s a hand-painted limited edition action figure of Johnny Silverhand and Alt Cunningham, 37cm tall. The couple was immortalized in 2013 when the musician attempted to rescue his girlfriend from Arasaka Tower, but returned with her body.

The ringing of the explosion and the echo of the shots – these were the sounds that accompanied Johnny Silverhand when he emerged from the Arasaka tower, clutching the body of his beloved Alt Cunningham. The plan was simple: strike at Corpo’s headquarters, eliminate anyone in their way, and escape with the legendary netrunner. But like the cracked concrete and broken steel scattered around Johnny’s feet, the plan fell apart. Alt Cunningham was lost to this world, leaving behind nothing but a shell of a body and a ghost in a machine. With this 14.6″ hand-painted action figure, you’ll be able to see the aftermath.

The figurine shown in the above images and videos, like most gadgets of this type, is made of polystyrene. Thanks to hand-painting, each copy may differ slightly from the others, but the attention to detail cannot be denied to the designers, of course. However, something else draws attention, namely the very high price of this jewelry, which is about 1800 zlotys (34 thousand rubles).

Orders will be processed in December 2022.

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