Characters from the Black Book drop into Evil Dead: The Game

The new Evil Dead 2013 set includes Mia and David Allen, characters from the 2013 Evil Dead: The Black Book.

  • Miya is proficient with a machete and can also temporarily become invulnerable. The more scared she is, the more damage she will inflict on the enemy.
  • David, in turn, is able to reduce the level of fear and incoming damage for himself and allies, and also effectively fights enemies.

Both characters are available as part of the Evil Dead 2013 Bundle, included with the first Season Pass and sold separately. The set also includes an alternate outfit and skin for Mia’s jump scare.

In addition, the latest free update for Evil Dead: The Game includes a new solo mission and two new types of weapons to fight evil: a nail gun and a syringe. All update details are available link

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