China bans broadcasting of video games that are not approved by the government

The Cabinet of Ministers of China decided to ban online platforms from broadcasting games on the Internet without obtaining appropriate permission. This follows from a joint document published on April 15 by the Department of Audiovisual Programs of the Main Administration of Radio and Television of the country and the Press Office of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

For a long time, uncontrolled online streaming and the rise of teenage video game addiction have been the cause of widespread public concern. The time has come to urgently take effective measures.

The new rules apply to games that have not been approved for publication in China. China has always required games to be licensed before they can be distributed or broadcast within the country, but the rules have rarely been followed. This attitude has allowed games like Elden Ring, an officially banned game in China, to find significant audiences on the country’s streaming platforms.

It is also explained that the authorities are striving to form criteria for the behavior of streamers. For this reason, it is forbidden to conduct live broadcasts by people who do not comply with moral standards. The appearance of such people on the screens will be monitored and suppressed.

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