Chinese company Tencent wants to see “no blacks” and “big boobs” in its films and games


Former IGN journalist Alana Pierce interview The Serfs shared her experience in the entertainment industry, in which she criticized the Chinese company Tencent, which is an investor in such well-known titles as League of Legends, Path of Exile, Black Desert, as well as Epic Games and even Ubisoft. Alana said she had a friend who suggested Tencent make the film, but the company agreed to do so on the condition that there were “no black people” and “big boobs”. Alana added that Tencent demanded the same when developing games, for example, they say to increase the chest of the heroine or make someone’s skin lighter.

Pierce declined to name the specific titles of these movies and games as she doesn’t want litigation, but said Tencent is more to be feared than Microsoft because they are buying up more and more of the gaming industry and putting such “weird” conditions on developers in the process. But is this bad?

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