Chinese manufacturer GUNNIR started selling Iris Xe and Iris Xe Max graphics cards with Intel DG1 GPU


GUNNIR Iris Xe MAX S, Source: Taobabo

Intel ARC Alchemist graphics cards based on the GPU family DG2may not have officially appeared yet, but the release of its predecessor – DG1 became quite successful. The DG1 GPUs were originally only available to software developers, but still entered the discrete desktop market without third-party involvement under the Iris Xe brand.

Intel has developed two two DG1 models: Iris Xe and Iris Xe Max, the last of which is a complete implementation of the chip, available exclusively for laptops. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as GUNNIR is now selling the Iris Xe Max Index V2 graphics card with 96 compute units (compared to 80 available with Iris Xe without MAX).

GUNNIR Iris Xe MAX Index V2, Source: Taobabo
GUNNIR Iris Xe MAX Index V2, Source: Taobabo

There are three variants of DG1-based cards currently available on Taobao at the following prices:

  • GUNNIR DG1 (Low Profile) – $90
  • GUNNIR Iris Xe Index V2 – $101
  • GUNNIR Iris Xe MAX Index V2 – $110

The Max Index V2 model features 96 compute units (768 shading units) and a higher clock speed of 1.65GHz. Despite this change, the 25-41W power limit is unchanged from the Iris Xe Index V2.

It should be noted that Irix Xe graphics cards will not work with all systems. There is no support for any AMD platform, and Intel support is limited to the Coffee/Comet Lake (9th and 10th generation) series only. Iris Xe models are compatible with Intel B460, B365 and H310C motherboards.

So, the Iris Xe series can be seen as the predecessor of the Arc A300 series, rumored to be based on the DG2-128EU GPU. The smaller 6nm manufacturing process, higher clock speeds, and increased TDP should provide a significant performance boost for Intel’s entry-level desktop GPU segment.

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