‘Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers’ Director Explains How ‘Ugly Sonic’ Episode Came To Be

In the new Disney+ movie, “Ugly Sonic” has his own booth for guests at a comic book convention, and he’s trying to capitalize on his notoriety by selling autographed photos of himself.

Speaking to Polygon, director Akiva Shaffer said that the appearance of Ugly Sonic was the highlight of the film for him, but did not elaborate on what went into getting the character for his film.

“This is one of my favorite cameos in the film,” he said. “I can say that. It’s one of my favorite things about the film. And I really want people to see it.”

There are other animated cameos in Chip ‘n’ Dale, from classic Disney characters to more obscure creations. Speaking generally about the process of obtaining them, Shaffer said he wanted to “thank the lawyers.”

It was very important for me to get a bunch of third-party cartoons, because if it’s going to be some kind of animation celebration, then it can’t just be a Disney animation celebration. The characters that you see in the movie – sometimes we had to try all sorts of options before we found one that could be licensed. It was a difficult process. You don’t usually want to thank the lawyers when making a movie, but we truly appreciate the Disney lawyers for being team players. They didn’t lose their optimism about it and really saw the value of third-party materials and they had to work really hard. It’s easy for me to say, “Oh, it would be great if there was a My Little Pony in the movie, and they have to run through the corridors of different corporations to solve this issue. Lawyers should call Mattel and present them with the film, say that it does not make fun of characters, and then I have to jump in, and then blah blah blah. So it was a whole process. But you know, it makes the movie so much better.

Sonic’s original design, which had a more “realistic” look, was scrapped after the first trailer for the Sonic movie was shown (which can be seen below).

Sonic was remade into something more aesthetically pleasing, and the film received the best opening weekend of any video game adaptation of the era.

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