Ciri is likely the main character in the new Witcher gaming saga


The protagonist of the new Witcher saga could be Ciri, which has been rumored a lot in recent years from several sources, and which follows from the image used for the announcement. Although there were no official messages from CD Projekt Red and this is just speculation and conjecture.

Attention: Some spoilers for the book series “The Witcher” will follow, and therefore, potentially for one of the future seasons of the television series. If you don’t want to, don’t read any further.

The accompanying image shows a Witcher medallion with a cat’s head. It immediately comes to mind that it belonged to some member of the School of the Cat, founded by Gezras of Leida, which is much talked about in the event dedicated to it in Gwent: The Witcher. A card game and also mentioned in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is also mentioned in the tabletop role-playing game The Witcher, which discusses the school’s mythology in detail, as well as in comics based on the novels. The medallion is also mentioned in some books of the paper saga. These are only hints, but they are interesting coincidences.

In particular, references of interest to us are found in the seventh book “Lady of the Lake”. In the first passage we’ll look at, Ciri takes the medallion from the body of Leo Bonhart, the bounty hunter who plays a pivotal role in the final books of the saga. Here is a small excerpt:

She looked at him for a long time. A very long time. Then she leaned over. Bonhart’s eyes widened even further. But she only tore off the medallions from his neck – a wolf, a cat and a vulture. Then she turned and walked towards the exit.

The Cat’s medallion is also mentioned in the second passage, shortly after the previous one:

Ciri looked back, looked at Yennefer, who leaned against the railing to keep from falling. She pulled out the medallions taken from Bonhart. She hung the cat around her neck, handed the wolf to Geralt. “I hope you know,” he said, “these are just symbols?” “Everything in life is just symbols.

Ciri’s Cat School medallion is also found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, although its origin is not explained.

Of course, this should not be taken as confirmation, but only as an assumption based on books. The path taken by CD Projekt Red may be completely different. Who knows, maybe the main character is just Gezras from Leida or another woman we don’t know anything about yet, because the School of the Cat is atypical compared to others and is more open in the selection of those who can try to become a Witcher.

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