Cities: Skylines will expand opportunities for pedestrians

The Plazas and Promenades add-on will add pedestrian zones and everything related to them to the game.

With the new addition, players can design the pedestrian streets of their dreams by placing different district options and city infrastructure buildings. Citizens will be delighted with life in the city, which has modern streets and squares without cars and accompanying noise.

Plazas and Promenades will add car-free pedestrian streets to Cities: Skylines; pedestrian zones for which you can create different rules; new specializations for districts; urban infrastructure buildings.

Coinciding with the expansion, a release date to be announced, will be two Content Creator Packs and two radio stations.

  • The Mid-Century Modern set will add elegant new Mid-Century American Modern homes;
  • The Seaside Resorts Pack will bring back to Cities: Skylines the spirit of the seaside resort towns that flourished in 19th-century America.

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