City-building strategy Sphere – Flying Cities will be released in September

The game differs from other city-building strategies in a number of unique features, one of which is the control of a flying city.

Inspired by James Blish’s novel Cities in Flight, Sphere – Flying Cities combines elements of strategy, city builder and survival. Players will have to take on a colossal responsibility to save the human race.

In the near future, a huge asteroid hit the moon, which led to the complete destruction of the ecosystem on the surface of the Earth. In the face of the greatest danger, the last representatives of humanity are desperately trying to survive. Thanks to the latest anti-gravity technology, the first flying city soared into the sky, becoming the last bastion of a fading human civilization.

Sphere – Flying Cities will leave Early Access for PC on Steam and GOG on September 20, 2022. Right now game can buy with 30% discount.

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