Co-op mod for Elden Ring is now available in open beta

Modder LukeYui’s project to make Elden Ring co-op easy and convenient has released a public beta.

Co-op play in Elden Ring is severely limited: it’s limited to the open world, you can’t ride your own horse, and helpers are sent home after defeating a boss.

LukeYui is an experienced online game changer for FromSoft games, behind the multiplayer mod for Sekiro and the Blue Sentinel project that fixed the hacking and security vulnerabilities in Dark Souls 3.

The Seamless Co-op mod provides seamless co-op play with up to 4 players (host+3) traveling on their own mount, allowing you to enjoy Elden Ring with your friends for as long as they want. The mod also has its own launcher and connectivity options separate from EAC which means you can enjoy this style of play without the risk of being banned. Detailed questions/answers regarding the mod can be found here.

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