Completely paralyzed Elden Ring fan manages to beat game with breath


The gaming community once again proves that it has no boundaries and limitations, even physical ones. The other day, an almost completely paralyzed gamer Zhu Mingjun from China was able to easily complete the hardcore action Elden Ring, for which he needed breathing tubes and a special program.

According to the media, despite serious health problems, Zhu Mingjun does not wave anything to enjoy new games. As a firefighter, he received a serious injury due to which he could no longer move his limbs. Now Zhu Mingjun can only move his head, but still continues to play.

A paralyzed gamer passed Elden Ring in a straight line broadcasts on Bilibili. It took him about three weeks to complete the entire game and several attempts to kill the final boss. He killed most of the opponents himself, using special tubes through which you need to breathe and a program. The utility helps the player assign various actions in the game to an unusual controller.

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