Corey Barlog explains why they made a good port of God of War and blamed publishers for bad PC ports


The PC version of God of War received positive reviews from both players and critics, not only because the game is great, but also because of the excellent optimization. But this does not always happen, and the creative director of Santa Monica Studio Corey Barlog in an interview with the portal gamestar explained why some games are sometimes so poorly ported to PC:

When developers get criticized for a bad PC port, it’s likely they had a very small team and very little time. In my opinion, any game can be well ported if everything is well planned and the team has the necessary experience.

But sometimes the publisher says, “Here’s the platform we want to port the game to, here’s the amount we’re willing to spend, and here’s how much time we’re giving you for all of this. And often that’s not enough.”

According to Barlog, they first experimented with porting God of War to PC back when the game was being developed as a PS4 exclusive. This helped the developers to later transfer it to the PC without any problems.

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