Crazy action game Shadow Warrior 3 gets hardcore difficulty and numerous gameplay fixes


Fresh patch 1.03k Shadow Warrior 3 includes a completely new level of difficulty – Hardcore. On Hardcore difficulty, the enemies hit even harder and use every opportunity to punish you for your mistakes. Resources are scarce, so don’t get hit and watch your target!

Balance changes:


  • Katana fire attack projectile speed, explosion range and ignite chance increased;
  • Reduced the duration of the freezing effect of the katana’s ice attack;
  • Katana’s electric attack range has decreased;
  • Helper damage has increased slightly, while spread has decreased;
  • The amount of HP restored by finishers now depends on the difficulty;
  • Adjusted the health points of some enemies, now they are the same on all difficulty levels (except for bosses);
  • The Shuriken Spitter no longer registers headshots.
  • Respawn times for health and ammo spheres are now based on difficulty.
  • The amount of health and ammo restored by spheres depends on the difficulty;
  • Last Stand invulnerability time reduced;
  • Thorn damage now scales with difficulty
  • Kugutsu accuracy and projectile speed increased;
  • Laser Shogun’s laser now stops on enemies
  • Rampant Pistol’s range has been slightly reduced;
  • Oni Hanma’s stagger delay has been increased;
  • The lifetime of the Seeking Eye and the Hattori Blade has been reduced;
  • Removed temporary invincibility after using a brain tonic

The following is a list of various improvements and fixes. There are many changes (you can read the full content at link). The most valuable innovations:

  • Improved overall game performance;
  • Minimum FOV set to 80;
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the player to get stuck in the third phase of the Guardian of the Heart on hard difficulty;
  • The user interface has also received a number of improvements;
  • Additional checkpoint at the “Doomsday Device” level;
  • Issues with progress fixed;
  • There will no longer be a bug that caused tutorial messages to remain on the screen after the player’s death;
  • Fixed disappearance of weapons when switching weapons was performed immediately before the start of the cut-scene;
  • There is no longer a bug due to which the player could fire his weapon during cutscenes;
  • Update for Russian localization

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