Crossout promises “big jackpot” this summer

The latest update contains a new season of the Battle Pass, a partner system, the return of the Chase PvE mode, and a new PvP map, Peaceful Atom.

In the ninth season of the Battle Pass, players are waiting for new parts for armored vehicles, including the huge ShM-5 Lavina assault mortar, the RA-1 Veresk artillery module with new volley fire mechanics, the Melnik heavy minigun, the passive defense module ” Omamori, as well as new structural parts and cosmetic items. The season will run until October 16th.

With patch “big jackpot» A reworked partner system has been added to Crossout. Players are waiting for eight new battle comrades, each of which has passive skills, as well as talents that can be activated. For example, Jay prefers to shoot at enemies at a long distance, reducing the dispersion of the gun, increasing the damage and increasing the speed of the projectile; Grizzly is a real tank, capable of crushing an opponent with its mass; Phobos likes to attack in stealth, preying on singles and sneaking up on them from behind in stealth mode.

The reworked raid “Chase” is also returning to the game. On the new map, Path of the Warrior, two Steppenwolf battle wagons await four Survivors who have sided with the Syndicate. The goal of the players is to stop and rob the convoy. It will be possible to stop one truck – Survivors will receive only a part of the valuable cargo; if they can capture both, they will receive the reward in full.

At the same time, on the new PvP map Peaceful Atom, battles take place in industrial buildings. Around – dilapidated hangars, old rails and dilapidated wagons. It seems that here you can profit from resources – if you have time to get ahead of the raiders and the rest of the Survivors.

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