Cult DOOM was able to run in text mode command line


It looks like DOOM has successfully secured the title of not only the “iconic first-person shooter”, but also the most “practical” game. The id Software game has made it to the calculator, drone controller, and many other platforms. Now a user with the nickname wojciech-graj managed to run DOOM in test mode, which is also called pseudo-graphics.

The game is displayed through the usual Windows or Linux command line in the form of different characters, instead of the usual pixels. The enthusiast realized his idea with the help of a special script that used a huge base of ASCII characters.

Surprisingly, the “text version” of the shooter looks very good, if you do not pay attention to the dark areas of the levels. A significant drawback of such a game will be the sound, which is completely absent, but DOOM can literally be disassembled into symbols.

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