Cyberpunk 2077 fans are excited about the changes brought by patch 1.5


Finally, Cyberpunk 2077 unexpectedly received next-gen updates, as well as a massive 1.5 patch for all versions. The patch contains a ton of new features of varying size and scope, many of which delight the community as they open.

One of the most popular upgrades is the ability to change the main character’s appearance after the game’s prologue through the mirror in his apartment. You can’t change everything – cyberware and tattoos, for example – but it looks like new hair colors and other small adjustments have been added to the editor. There are also several new apartment options to change the look of the place, including the ability to move to another apartment in a different location with a completely different look and layout.

Not only can you choose 6 different colors for your Megadom apartment, but you can also rent 4 new apartments in different parts of the city!

Fans are also excited about the announcement of long-running romances with Panam, Kerry, River and Judy, including additional interactions at their homes. The announcement of this change encourages many players to restart the game to romance the same characters they did the first time, just to see the full breadth of interactions.

And many community members shared footage of police chasesadded to the game and which can occur without the participation of the player just while exploring the city.

Just stumbled upon a high speed chase between the cops and Valentino! The cops were in hot pursuit, caught up with them and forced them to fight, but when the shit died down, the boys in blue started smoking. This was well done too. The cops had sirens and flashing lights and hung out the windows as they chased the guys in the car ahead of them. A little chat too. Also, the fights definitely feel different due to the AI, crowds and other vehicles now react to violence and chaos – the changes are there and they are huge.

Many small touches are also noted, such as the ability to reject phone calls. This was likely added in response to complaints that phone calls were constantly interrupting other things going on in the game, such as story-related conversations or even just exploring. Now you can also skip the Braindance Tutorial, which players found long and tedious. Even smaller notes are also praised, such as the new effects added to the water.

Overall, players seem to be happy with the update as it addresses a number of game quality issues that players have been complaining about since launch. For now, there seems to be some hope that the update will breathe new life into the cyberpunk community, especially as new players pick up the game on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles for the first time.

The Cyberpunk 1.5 update is available now, although some PS5 players are unable to download it at the moment due to a region issue.

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