Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Hidden Changes Revealed


After a massive update was released a few days ago, players began to find hidden changes Cyberpunk 2077 with patch 1.5. Many players commented that the patch ended up changing the game for the better. Reddit has published a list of hidden changes made by patch 1.5

In addition to reworking most of the skill trees, CDPR has also overhauled virtually the entire character progression system through undocumented balance changes. It completely changes the feel of the game.

  • The maximum number of mod slots you can have in all clothing items has been reduced from 20 to 9.
  • Legendary mods now require legendary clothing items.
  • Each mod is now tied to a specific clothing category (for example, the Deadeye Crit mod can only be inserted into goggles).
  • Your default critical damage has been reduced from 100% to 50%, and each point in Reflex now grants 0.25% critical strike chance instead of 1%.
  • Critical Strike Chance and Legendary Weapon Critical Damage have been significantly reduced across the board.
  • Increased the stat requirements for some of the best legendary weapons (for example, Hammer of the Comrade now requires 10 body units instead of 6 to use).
  • Legendary Armadillo mods now give 75 armor per mod instead of 270.
  • Evasion has been replaced with mitigation. It is determined by two stats such as Critical Hit Chance and Critical Damage. You have a chance to soften and an amount to soften, for example you might have a 10% chance to soften 50% of the damage on a hit.

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