Cyberpunk 2077 player found a new secret quest that became available after update 1.5


Not so long ago, Cyberpunk 2077 got the long-awaited patch 1.5 for many players. The update did a lot to bring the game to perfection and many argue that this is how it should have come out. And it seems that along with the update, new secrets appeared in the game.

One of the players on Reddit under the nickname Makavelinow discovered one of these secrets in Cyberpunk 2077. The user found a new NPC who cries on the pier. If you approach him, then he will not do anything and say, as if this character cannot be interacted with in any way. It definitely doesn’t look like a normal quest in the game. However, when searching the area, it turns out that they are crying because they dropped something into the water.

Players can dive down and pick up an item, which turns out to be a key. After returning it to the NPC, he will thank the player and take out his phone. As Makavelinow shows, if the players zoom in on the phone, there will be some kind of set of numbers. And many players decided that this is a code that can either be a trifle, or mean something more, needed in the future.

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