Dark RPG Hellslave Released

Mankind needs your help, and for this you will conclude an agreement with the demon.

Hellslave is a development from Ars Goetia studio that Darkest Dungeon fans should love. The game is available today on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

In the Hellslave game, we take control of a hero who is humanity’s last hope for victory over the demonic invasion. For this we will pay a high price by signing a pact with the devil himself. Thanks to his help, we will receive special abilities that will increase our chances in the fight against evil.

The developers from Ars Goetia promise an exciting and genre-specific gameplay. However, they emphasize that they have implemented several solutions that make the proven formula more attractive. We should expect a rich character development system, where the combination of skills in effective combinations will play a key role. The battles will take place in a turn-based system and will test our strategic planning skills.

It is worth noting the graphic design of Hellslave. The whole game is designed in a dark atmosphere, and the characteristic style and artwork add originality to the game. The setting might be reminiscent of games like Iratus: Lord of the Dead or Darkest Dungeon.

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