Dead Space 2 is 11 years old

original dead space became a kind of surprise for both the public and the label Electronic Arts. With this game, the audience got an unexpectedly high-quality alternative resident eviland EA – another franchise with a circulation of a million copies.

Action Dead Space 2 took place three years after the events aboard the planetary ripper Ishimura. Players once again take on the role of mechanic Isaac Clarke, who has PTSD from the events of the first game. However, Clark was no longer a silent guy, unlike the first part. He was being treated at a station called Titan, which at first seemed safe, but Isaac soon had to put on his suit to deal with the Necromorphs again.

Mechanically, Dead Space 2 was very similar to the first part, but with an even more diverse composition of enemies. Some of them were real horror for the players, because they could not be permanently eliminated. The level design was also more varied, because the game was not set in a spaceship, but in a station, so it included a school and a church, among other things.

A novelty for the game, of course, was the multiplayer in the form of the Outbreak mode. It was played in a four-versus-four format – one team, playing the role of humans, had a set of different tasks, and the other team, playing the role of Necromorphs, tried to prevent the enemy from completing these tasks. For the match, two rounds were played alternately.

Dead Space 2 sold almost two million copies in its first week of sales. Also, the game also received excellent ratings (average rating of 90 on Metacritic) and still remains the most popular part of the series.

After the release, the game received one expansion called Dead Space 2: Severed, but only for versions on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

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