Death Stranding: Director’s Cut Official Beginner’s Guide Released


The developers at KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS have published a beginner’s guide to celebrate the March 30, 2022 release of the DIRECTOR’S CUT edition, which is the definitive version of Death Stranding.

The Beginner’s Guide provides tips on how to travel the world, manage your cargo, plan routes, and details new facilities, equipment, and how to connect with other players.

The text is divided into 6 significant parts:

  1. Cargo management
  2. Route planning
  3. New objects – DIRECTOR’S CUT expands on the original and introduces new features including a range and race track.
  4. New weapons, equipment and more
  5. fast travel
  6. Compound – New ways to play and communicate with other players have been added to the DIRECTOR’S CUT.

You can read the full text of the guide in the official news on Steam.


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