Death’s Door from developer Titan Souls will be released on July 20

Death’s Door, a new game from Acid Nerve, the developer of Titan Souls, will launch on July 20. The game’s publisher, Devolver, broke the news today at the E3 2021 press conference.

The game is an isometric, stylish action game with a character named Raven, who essentially acts as a grim reaper, collecting the souls of the dead. You follow the Raven’s attempt to reclaim a stolen soul by requiring players to fight powerful enemies in their path.

Judging by the new game trailer, Death’s Door will be somewhat familiar to Titan Souls players. It features giant enemies called “tyrants” and its combat system is a mixture of ranged combat, melee, and magic. You can see the trailer in the box above.

Death’s Door will be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC for $ 20.

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