Destiny 2 players are asking Bungie to increase quest item drop rates in event Source


The release of Destiny 2’s latest expansion, The Witch Queen, was met with mostly positive feedback from the community, particularly thanks to the remastered Void 3.0 and legendary campaign. However, despite Bungie’s focus on weapon crafting, randomness still plays a key role in what players use, what they can create, and the benefits available to weapons they create. For now, players are asking Bungie to address the seemingly low weapon drop rate in the new Wellspring activity.

Reddit user JustVerySleepy voiced their complaint on the official Destiny 2 subreddit thread, stating that they had been on a mission for 4 hours and were unable to obtain a Deepsight resonant weapon in all that time. Several players have confirmed these observations in the comments, stating that they will receive a specific weapon of the day, but not one that would be useful for questing or crafting progression.

The aforementioned Deepsight Resonant Weapon is what players need to unlock craftable weapon frames in Relic in the new Enclave zone, and it’s randomized like most other items in Destiny 2. Once obtained, players must customize the Resonant Weapon and then extract the materials for crafting from customized weapons. Because of this system, the Source has become the main place for constant farming, but experience shows that even 40 hours in the game does not guarantee success.

Now the question is simply whether Bungie will change the drop rates of a much-needed item, and if so, how quickly.

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