Details of the new “Cataclysm” and the upcoming rebranding in Free Fire

The developers shared their plans for the rebranding of the mobile royal battle and presented the fourth series of the Cataclysm event.

The authors of Free Fire will rebrand their game during the summer of 2022 – as part of this event, they will update the graphic elements, fonts and interface. So far, we have a redesigned logo, and the listed changes should be expected until the end of the summer season.

And to brighten up expectations, the developers have launched the Cataclysm: Unity event – the fourth in the Cataclysm lineup. The plot brings together the characters of previous events for the first time, and led by Tyson Bronte – the Director – they will have to challenge the members of the Horizons corporation and defeat the mercenaries who have elemental powers.

Already from June 17, gamers can see the updated interface, an additional mode and other content dedicated to the event in the game, and on June 25, the climax of “Unity” with additional activities is scheduled.

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