Developer Confirms New Bow Coming to Valheim Soon


Iron Gate Studio released Valheim into Early Access last year and continues to update the PC game with enemies, crafting materials, weapons, armor and more. One of the upcoming additions, recently confirmed by Iron Gate Studio, is the new glowing bow.

The clip walks you through the ins and outs of creating a weapon model from scratch, walking Valheim players through the process at an accelerated pace. At the beginning of the video, a pentagonal object is shown slowly deforming into a bony vertebra, after which several are assembled together. The video ends with a demonstration of the finished bow.

Iron Gate Studio has not revealed when the weapon will be released to the public version of the game. Valheim is one of many early access games on Steam that includes a public test server where the bow will appear before the official client is updated to include it in the weapon rotation.

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