Developers CD Projekt Explain Why They Switched To Unreal Engine 5 For The Next Witcher


CD Project Red gave some insight into why they chose to use Unreal Engine 5 for their upcoming new game of the saga of The Witchernot own REDengine 4.

Speaking as part of a recent broadcast The State of UnrealCTO of CDPR Pavel Zavodny said, “It was the transition to open world support that brought Unreal Engine 5 to our attention.”

“This opens up a new chapter for us where we really want to see how our experience of making open world games combines with all the engineering power of Epic,” he said.

He went on to explain that CD Projekt Red and Epic will be working together on engine features to “eventually achieve something extraordinary“.

Art Director CD Projekt Red Jakub Knapik noted that thanks to Epic’s collaboration with many other studios, Unreal Engine 5 already has many desirable features.

“The fact that Unreal is already being used by many teams around the world allows for multiple perspectives to be projected into tool design, and this helps the tool be more flexible. So CDPR will benefit from the ideas of other Unreal users.”

game director Jason Slama also noted that open world games require a really solid engine due to the large number of variables and moving parts that these types of games have, suggesting that Unreal Engine 5 can offer a very desirable level of stability.

“One of the things that’s really important to keep in mind when talking about open world games versus, say, linear games, is the likelihood that things can go wrong, or the scenarios that you have to account for exponentially.” higher than in linear games,” he said. “Players can move in any direction they want, they can process content in any order they want in theory, and for true encapsulation, that means you need a really stable environment where you can make changes with a high level of confidence.” that it won’t break in 1600 other places in the future.”

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