Developers XCOM and Civilization create a new studio focused on turn-based strategy


A group of former Firaxis developers have just announced the creation of a new studio. Called Bit Reactor, the studio will focus on the same “turn-based tactics” games that its founders are known for, with a focus on “high-quality production values, compelling storytelling, and innovative design.” Bit Reactor already has unannounced games in development.

In a press release, co-founder and CEO Greg Furch says that Bit Reactor “has brought together an amazing group of talented, experienced, and dedicated game developers to infuse rich storytelling, immersive performance, and solid game mechanics to give this genre its most opportune time to shine – the golden age.” turn-based games has arrived.”

Bit Reactor’s announcement material is heavily focused on the team’s experience with XCOM, but members of the studio have also worked on games like Civilization and Elder Scrolls Online. Ferch himself has worked at Firaxis for over two decades and served as art director from 2005 to 2019 on everything from XCOM and XCOM 2 to numerous games in the Civilization series.

Firaxis itself is currently working on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which is due out later this year after a delay. Job listings strongly suggest that Civilization 7 is under development by the studio, but development has yet to be officially confirmed.

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