Development on Star Wars: Eclipse appears to be going better than previously reported


According to reliable video game insider AccountNGT, development on the controversial Star Wars: Eclipse is proceeding more smoothly than recent reports suggested.

You may not be familiar with AccountNGT, but this insider was the first to reveal that the Quantic Dream Star Wars game is called Eclipse and posted images from the trailer, along with information about the game itself, weeks before the trailer debuted at the 2021 Game Awards in December. Since then, NGT has had numerous credible reports of other games and has been a constant source of information on events in Quantic Dream.

NGT offered a summary of the projects Quantic Dream is working on through their Twitter account and shared the following:

Another message I received again confirms the existence of the Dark Sorcerer based game from Quantic Dream that I reported on a few months ago. SW Eclipse will be the next big game to be released by QD. From the looks of it, development is going better than some would like to believe.

He seems to be referring to Tom Henderson, who is also a very reliable video game insider. Most recently, he told XFire that Eclipse will be released in 2027 or 2028 due to a number of issues, the main factor being that the studio is having difficulty hiring staff for the project, and the allegations the studio has faced are more than likely , are a key reason the studio is having a hard time hiring the talent it needs for the game.

NGT responded to Twitter users and stated that it believes Eclipse will “probably” be released in 2025, which is two to three years earlier than Henderson had anticipated and just one year later than initial reports.

Henderson’s article claimed that due to the studio’s recruiting difficulties and issues with the QD engine, Eclipse was delayed from 2024 to 2027 or 2028. Reports related to development issues have noted that the QD engine architecture is not designed for a game on the scale of Eclipse, which will have open world elements, multi-planet travel, and multiplayer features. Henderson even said that one of the reasons why Eclipse was shown so early was in the hope that some publisher would show up and acquire Quantic Dream, as the studio was looking for an acquisition after a deal with Sony ended in 2018 for three games. Recently it became known that the studio was acquired by NetEase Games, which previously owned a controlling stake in the studio since 2019.

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