Devolver Digital “fully supports” Loop Hero in allowing them to pirate the game


Loop Hero’s publisher Devolver Digital issued a statement confirming its support for Four Quarters’ proposal to pirate the game to users in countries affected by economic sanctions.

Devolver Digital fully supports Four Quarters during this incredibly challenging period, it said in a statement. We are in constant communication with the team to help them as much as we can and have been alerted in advance to the statement which we support 100%.

Let me remind you that Four Quarters offered to potential buyers of Loop Hero living in regions affected by economic sanctions to pirate the game and said that “in such difficult times, it can only help to raise the pirate flag” in a message dated March 27 on their official VK account. She also shared a link to a torrent.

After this post received a lot of attention, Four Quarters released an update on the development of Loop Hero, confirming that there is “nothing wrong” with torrents and that it has received many offers to donate. Work on the upcoming update is 80% complete and will continue “in the near future”.

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